Metal Roofing Systems

Standing Seam

Standing Seam Systems Is a better long-term solution for many people who seek durability in a roofing system without all the maintenance. With no exterior fasteners exposed to the elements and no need for annual maintenance checks, it may be a better investment for some who can see past the higher initial cost of installation of this system. Raised seams, helps with water penetration making it a perfect choice for areas which get heavy snow and rain. These are usually manufactured on site to avoid the scratching that can happen in transportation. Warranties are typically 40 years from Manufacturers and come in a wide variety of colors


Tuff Ribb Metal Roofing is a very tough system with a series of "RIBS" placed every 12 inches to build in rigidity into the system panels. They are much more affordable and Look great, however, they do require more maintenance down the road as screws will tend to loosen of time from the expansion/contraction from exposure and weather changes. They have a rubber grommet which can decompose over time. 40 Year Manufacturers warranty and it does come in a wide variety of colors to create that curb appeal youre looking for.


Hybrid Roof Systems elegantly combine the look of Metal Roofs with the colorfulness of a shingle to create a desired effect. Typically you highlight certain areas like porches, offset gables or dormers in metal to create a desired effect. Not every house will take advantage of the look, so we will propose it to those we believe could benefit from their appeal. Combining colorful shingles with matching metal accents creates a wonderful look for decades.

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Phoenix Roofing Systems is a leading provider of Metal Roofing in the Tri-State area (North GA, Tennessee & North Carolina) With years of experience, our dedicated team strives to meet the highest standards of quality and excellence in every project we undertake. It starts with arial satellite technology to pull general measurements and provide it to our Metal Specialists, which will go on site and hand measure, as well as look for other roofing systems it may be installed over to get a complete view. Then, the best methods of long term longevity will be considered when we quote the roof and go over it with the homeowner and business. When we install metal, we do a complete finish with wall and gable trims, drip edging and full foam closures throughout as required. No corners are cut at Phoenix!

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